Benefit from Expedia and AvaIBook connection!

Automatically manage through AvaiBook the reservations you receive from the Expedia Group

Update all your calendars automatically

Stop overbooking

Card details validation

Stop reservations made without card details or with erroneous cards

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Safe and scheduled payment collections

Make your management easier

Window closing whenever you want

Be in control and expand your business
Expedia Connectivity

Success stories

Juan Mellado
Head of Vacanzy Collection

It made easy our growth
AvaiBook has been an essential tool for us. Without it managing 30 properties in 7 different OTAs would have been really tough.


How does it work?

When you receive a reservation through Expedia Quick Connect (Expedia,, Venere…)

We update the calendars you have on other portals and on your website.

We store booking and traveller’s details in your control panel.

We validate credit card information and we provide the guest a safe environment in where changing those data, in case of not being correct.

We collect any payment you need according to what you have set-up. You can create different collection rules for each accommodation or specific rules for non-refundable rates.

You may also collect your payments manually, up to 7 days after check out and you may issue refunds at all times.

We send emails containing the customised information you want. For instance, where to pick up the keys, how to get there, code of conduct...

As you see, once you set your operating mode, you can just relax and let the customers come to you ;)

Safety and guarantees

AvaiBook aims to provide a 100% safe and secure process, in this way:

We receive and store the traveller’s card data encrypted, in a PCI compliant environment. Refunds and payment collections are made using 100%afe bank payment gateways.

We are a certified IT Provider of Expedia Connectivity, thanks to the fact that we have passed all the tests and verifications made by Epedia Connectivity to prove that our software works properly.

AvaiBook is the most popular Spanish channel manager among vacation rental managers.

In your control panel, all the payment collections and their status will be clearly displayed. This way, you can control your business completely.

This solutions works for you, at the highest security level.