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Manage your check-ins, check-outs and cleaning shifts easily. Create different users, prepare email to be sent automatically...

That is to say, optimise your time.

BDP- powerful card payment collections tool.

BDP- powerful card payment collections tool.

We adapt to the way you work: set automatic payment collections, process manual payment collections or refunds. We store the traveller’s card data encrypted in order to satisfy the current legislation and be able to offer a fast and powerful service.

Enjoy managing your manual bookings here

The online bookings you receive through our Booking Engine will be automatically saved, You will also be able to register the rest of your reservations quickly and easily, just let our system take care of the toughest task.

Expiration date automatic management. If a reservation is not confirmed within a specific time limit, the reservation will be cancelled, the dates will be available again and the traveller will be notified. You won't need to worry about that traveller who has blocked some dates and doesn't reply to your emails.

Prepayment management, automatic and fast. Allowing travellers to pay manual bookings through our secure payment methods (Card, PayPal and Wire transfer) you don't need to worry about payment validation and, in addition, you offer security and guarantee to travellers.

Enjoy managing your manual bookings here
Automatically sent email and SMS notices

Automatically sent email and SMS notices

Our advance booking engine allows you to go further in your internal organization and in the relationship with your clients. Thanks to our templates and our automatic replies you will be able to schedule emails and text messages for you, your staff or your travellers. This way you will manage some tasks very easily and in a very modern way. For example, let travellers know when to return the key or thank them for their stay.


With the Check-in/Check-out report you will control arrivals and departures very easily. These features are so easy and powerful you will be surprise. You will be able to organise your staff and cleaning shifts very efficiently. You can also print this planning, it is available in digital format with google calendar and you can notices to your team by SMS or email. Everything is under control.

It follows your rules but gives you freedom in each booking
It follows your rules but gives you freedom in each booking

It follows your rules but gives you freedom in each booking

Every new booking works automatically with the advanced configuration you have set for your accommodations (basic rate, seasonal rates, minimum stay, arrival date, number of people, prepayment amount, extras, mandatory charges, offers, packages, discounts...) This makes your work much easier and saves calculations and doubts. Besides, our system allows you to change the amount in order to offer a special price for each reservation.

Statistics and reports that allow you to better control your business

Information is power, and if you register all your bookings in AvaiBook, our system can offer you different statistics and charts which allow you to know how your business is going in order to make the best possible profit of it.

You will be able to monitor the booking evolution and the occupancy rate, by accommodation, group of accommodations, origin of the booking. This way, you can control the return on your advertising investments .

If you are an Vacation Rental Agency or Property Manager you will be able to obtain profitability reports from the owner.

Statistics and reports
Very visual schedule and synchronised calendar

Very visual schedule and synchronised calendar

The Booking Management system and the Channel manager work perfectly coordinated. , so your calendars will always be updated for all the bookings you manage in AvaiBook.


You can create different accounts so each person in your team can work on different business areas (calendars, booking, accounting...)

Organise check-ins, check-outs and cleaning as never before
Intelligent reviews management.

Intelligent reviews management. Continuous improvement

Travellers' reviews are a driving force behind continuous improvement, and a powerful referral sales tool for potential clients. Our Integral Management System allows you to collect travellers reviews after their stay, arbitrarily or automatically. You will project a customer-oriented image and you will be able to improve your weaknesses and publish these reviews on your website since they are increasingly appreciated by clients.

There are many other functionalities that will help you very much.

You can organise your accommodations by zones or business areas, in order to have a better control and a more detailed schedule, and you will also have statistics and reports by zone.

If you work as a Property Manager or as an Agency you will be able to organise owners reports and assign accommodations to each owner, give them access to their calendars and control your check every owner data.

You have at your disposal the travellers register and the admission sheets to be able to control check-in and report the police easily.

If you want to conduct an exhaustive assessment of your bookings, you can export them as well as your payment collections to Excel. Which can also be used as backup.

You can generate and save in a database Receipts and Invoices for your bookings, prepayments, activities, or any other service. They will look very professional with your logo on them and you can also print them out or send them to your clients as a PDF.

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