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La Casona de Pravia - Cottages Countryside, Pravia

A tourist benchmark with guarantees

The Casona de Pravia has become a benchmark for Asturian tourism, thanks to José Ramón and his wife enthusiasm and savoir-faire. The place where the accommodation is located really makes it stand out, Corias de Pravia, it's the perfect place to travel all over Asturias. When they started in 1995, they were no facilities in the area and they didn't have any specific references. However, they wanted to recover a heritage that was going lost and try to invigorate and bring those small declining settlements back to life. José Ramón has used AvaiBook for several years and he really appreciates how fast it is and the guarantees it offers in terms of online booking and card payment. Visit website

José Ramón Arango
Owner of the Casona de Pravia

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José Ramón Arango

José Ramón Arango
owner of the Casona de Pravia

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José Ramón Arango

José Ramón Arango
owner of the Casona de Pravia

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