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Centralised availability and booking system for Rural Tourism
The simpliest step to a professional management

If you want a simple system that may allow you save time in your accommodation management and also offers tools to increase your bookings, this is the one you are looking for.

Online booking engine you decide if you want to work with automatic acceptance or on request!

Bank gateways included. Forget about balancing the accounts and chasing travellers, we take care of it!

On-line payment management for bookings, automatic and fast.

Define your own policy. Set the prepayment, the cancellation policy and the house rules... all of it, the way you prefer.

Security and guarantees for everyone. We supervise the prepayment and guarantee it will be either delivered to the owner, either refund to the client in case the reservation is cancelled.

Flaxible and powerful rates system. Set seasonal rates, extras, packages, promotions, last minute...

Packages, offers and promotions allow you to adjust in detail your accommodation rates. In addition, you can choose the times of year you want to apply.
Show your travellers reviews on your web!

Automatically updated on your website and on the portals where you advertise such as Toprural, Rincones del Mundo, RuralesDATA…

increase your visibility and get more bookings through the portals. Linking with portals will allow you to update your calendar more often and you will rank higher on the portals.

Easy to integrate with your website. You don't need any computer experts or web programming knowledge to offer online booking on your website, blog or Facebook.

Booking process in 8 languages. Travellers can book in their own language in a simple and secure way.

Customise the system. You can choose your web calendar colors and display your logo on the booking process.

Auto-replies. Create email templates with attached files or SMS and set the sending rules.

Intelligent reviews management. Get to know your travellers satisfaction level and display it on your website if you want.

Detailed breakdown of bookings and economic activity Total transparency for your business.

Take a snapshot of your activity and your bookings. Export to Excel and save all your data.

Payments and refunds by virtual POS , without frauds or bank management and with the possibility to use the CES/3D security system or not, up to you!

Issue your invoices and receipts in only one click. Your documents will be issued with a serial number, your logo and both parties invoicing data.

Do you need more tools? Have a look at these additional services we can offer you to improve your positioning, have your accommodations perfectly set...

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