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Increase your visibility and your accommodations visibility. Minimize the time you spend managing your accommodation by handling all your bookings from one single place with AvaiBook tools, specially conceived for Vacation Rentals owners and managers.

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Security and guarantee

AvaiBook offers a safe and reliable environment to travellers as wells as owners. We act as a trusted third party which provides a guaranteed and security process, since we supervise the reservations payment in order to ensure the cancellation policy compliance and avoid fraud.

Working with AvaiBook you give a secure and reliable image to the travellers, which will differentiate yourself from your competition and will increase your sales immediately.

Travellers will feel secure when booking, since they can use our secure payment gateways, and count on AvaiBook's guarantee which ensures a fraud free environment, and cancellation policy compliance.

Guarantee and reliability for the accommodation

  • You give a safe and reliable image to the traveller
  • The travellers reliability is guaranteed since they make an prepayment to confirm their reservation
  • We ensure cancellation policy compliance, and you don't have to do anything
  • Collection of the prepayment is ensured in case of no-show
  • You will be able to work with our booking engine “on request” to accept only the reservations you want
  • You will avoid double reservations since you will have a calendar synchronised automatically with your adverts and your website
  • The reservations payments will be sent to your bank account regularly

Security and reliability for travellers

  • They book through a reliable SSL technological environment (https)
  • They pay using 100% secure payment methods
  • They feel secure because it is a reliable accommodation since it works with AvaiBook
  • AvaiBook ensures cancellation policy compliance
  • They know that their payment is supervised by a trusted third party

Economic cost

¡Our solutions are specially conceived for the vacation rental market, from individual owners to big management companies and our prices too!

Low cost technology, we adjust to your needs and we give you freedom.

We only charge a commission on the amounts of the transactions you want us to process. You control and decide it. And there is no minimum term.


Become higher ranked and more visible on the portals , by having your calendar always updated and the online booking activated on your adverts.

Thanks to our Channel Manager your properties' calendars will be automatically updated with your adverts on the main vacation rental portals, and you will rank higher on their lists because all of them give priority to updated availability and search by free dates.

In addition, activating booking on your adverts on our priority partners (Toprural, Rentalia, …) your visibility will stand out, because the icon "bookings" will be displayed on the lists. Also, travellers increasingly use searches and filters to see the accommodations offering online booking on the Internet.

  • You will rank higher on the portals lists
  • Offering "online booking" your advert will stand out
  • Your accommodation will be among the most wanted by travellers
  • You will be ranked on the searches run by free dates


Turn the visits on your website and your adverts on the portals into bookings.
And don't miss the business opportunities offered by foreign tourism.

With our Booking engine you will be able to change your website from a merely informative window to a way of increasing your visitors , by allowing travellers to book efficiently and safetly (always with your prior acceptance if you want to work "on request")., This way you will prevent them from visiting your competitors while they are waiting for an email in response to their request.

You can also get more bookings if you advertise in some of our priority portals, if you activate the booking engine on your advert you will turn many of the visits to your advert into real bookings.

Using AvaiBook you can increase your bookings between 20 and 30% thanks to foreign tourism, since our booking process is multilingual and allows you to receive online secure bookings from all around the world. If you don't have multilingual online booking allowing card or PayPal payment, you are losing a lot of bookings from foreign tourists.

Also with AvaiBook you will sell more :

  • You can add the booking engine on your FaceBook page
  • We will help you rank high on Google
  • Thanks to our reports you will be able to know where your bookings usually come from and optimise your marketing investment.
  • With the clients reviews management tool, you will be able to improve your services and get more satisfied clients, who will come back and recommend your accommodation.


AvaiBook offers you a set of solutions constantly evolving, specially conceived for vacation rentals owners and managers like you. These solutions allow you to save a lot of time and optimise your work, by making many of your daily task automatic, which allows you to work faster and more precisely.

Calendars automatically synchronised with your website and your adverts on the integrated portals, thanks to our Channel manager . When you open or close dates on AvaiBook every other place is quickly updated.

  • Multi-calendar: all your calendars on a single page so you can check availability quickly and precisely and also make reservations in one click.
  • Dynamic and intelligent prices: online rates automatically and precisely calculated, thanks to the multiple seasonal rates and our powerful special rates module (with promotions, discounts, packages, last minute offers, early booking or long stay).
  • Automatic expiration of bookings : it avoids having dates blocked for too long. If you manage your manual bookings using AvaiBook, you can fix an expiration date and our system will take care of notifying the travellers and automatically unblock the dates.
  • Secure online payment for your manual bookings: stop chasing travellers to get the prepayment, with AvaiBook you can offer an immediate and secure online payment for your manual bookings.
  • Check-in and check-out report: organise your work and reception, departure and cleaning shifts in a powerful and easy way
  • Automatic replies by e-mail and text message: with AvaiBook you can schedule automatic text messages and emails to travellers and to your own team

Many more advantages

There are many tools that can
help you to be more competitive.

Thanks to the iCal technology you will be able to manage all your accommodations calendars on your SmartPhone or Tablet.

Travellers reviews are a driving force behind continuous improvement and you will be able to publish their reviews on your website to get more referral sales.

Supervise your business at any time thanks to the bookings history and the multiple statistics offered by AvaiBook.

AvaiBook is a Cloud Computing so you don't need to instal licences on your computers and this way, you can use our tools on any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

We have already told you what AvaiBook has to offer. Now is time to find it out. Subscribe and start receiving more bookings!

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